Monday, December 6, 2010

December and January Book Discussion -- Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission To Promote Peace ... One School At a Time by Greg Mortenson

Get ready for "Three Cups of Tea." The Harker Heights Public Library looks forward to discussing this novel of dedication and vision. According to the publisher, this novel tells the tale of one man's campaign to build schools in the most dangerous, remote, and anti-American reaches of Asia. In 1993 Greg Mortenson was an American mountain-climber wandering emaciated and lost through Pakistan's Karakoram. After he was taken in and nursed back to health by the people of a Pakistani village, he promised to return one day and build them a school. From that rash, earnest promise grew one of the most incredible humanitarian campaigns of our time--Mortenson's one-man mission to counteract extremism by building schools, especially for girls, throughout the breeding ground of the Taliban. In a region where Americans are often feared and hated, he has survived kidnapping, death threats, and wrenching separations from his wife and children. But his success speaks for itself--at last count, his Central Asia Institute had built fifty-five schools.

This is a novel about turning points, dedication to a cause, and doing what you say you will do. Have you ever experienced a turning point? Though Mortenson's decision is rash, how does he formulate a plan to fulfill his mission?

Reminder: The in-person bookclub will meet in on JANUARY 25 at noon instead of in December. Also, be looking for several large group opprotunities to discuss this novel.

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  1. Can you imagine the author's dedication to the cause? I find myself interested in turning points in individuals' lives. Sometimes we get epiphanies that imeediately change us. At other times we slowly change or come to understandings of what we need to do? Is one better than the other? Is one more lasting? Stronger?